I created this blog to supplement crowd-sourced research and investigation into popular events in our nation. We have reached a point where we can no longer rely on the media or even government investigative units to either be transparent or even properly investigate some of the most important events facing us today.

Sadly, this comes down to motivation. To perform a proper investigation, one requires the motivation to do so. And when these investigations are being done by biased and prejudiced sources, it can be guaranteed that we will not get fair and balanced investigations or reporting when it goes against ‘the agenda.’

I’d like to use this site to focus on the research and as such, I ask that one-liner comments, unrelated opinions, and “two-minutes hate” comments be kept to a minimum. Also, the goal is create separate articles for each topic so that each can be clearly discussed and researched in a manner that allows us to follow along to a conclusion of that single point.

Each day, I will also post an open thread where requests or suggestions for topics to discuss/research can be made and I will create a topic for those.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Elijah says:

    I have researched ancient Greek for 17 years and translation of New Testament Greek to English. All nations erred in farmakeia, Greek word is pharmaceuticals, not sorcery like the English translation says! Every school shooter was under psychotropic drugs . Revelation 18:23 there are other translation errors, 20,000 or so! All nations erred in pharmaceuticals, revelation 18:23. No drugs for the soul! Body yes. I have a thread on discus the daily caller, under Elijah, Greek to English translation of the New Testament. Jesus saves.


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